It is respectfully notified that scientific publications of science explorer publication of England with several years of experience in the international arena in the field of publishing scientific articles, Book Series books, holding international conferences, holding educational workshops and scientific meetings around the world and issuance of international certificates, now is proud to inform that it is the only reference to issue certificate for scientific conferences and educational workshops which has been officially registered in England and merely serves the scientific field. The mentioned certificate has the scientific SCC-2000 accreditation certificate from Science Archive scientific center (other obtained valid certificates of the organization will be informed in the near future).

Cooperation and being approved by several international publications, international institutions and universities are other advantages of the mentioned certificate.

Euro Science certificate is one of the international certificates based on international standards in the field of scientific conferences and meetings which is issued in the name of the person.

Why international certificate is issued? We firmly declare that certificates issued in the world are nothing but a paper and the reason for receiving above certificate must be specified. The justification of Science Explorer Publications is informed to scientific community in below. Being approved by scientific institutions and international universities is our pride.

The certificate has the following advantages:

1. The official registration of uk domain to obtain assurance of applicants that has been registered exclusively in the United Kingdom by company's registration document.

2. Being stamped by seal of publications

3. Having the anti-fraud hologram with destruction capability.

4. Having jurisdiction control system of certificate through the official website of

Privileges for those organizations and conferences which receive the certificate:

1 – Providing the official certificate with a special edition for the presidency or in the name of the conference and writing in the website as a partner.

• Free publicity in the next round of the conference.

• publishing proceedings on a CD for free

• Publishing 10 articles in journals recommended by the Publications for free

• Providing 50 free Euro certificate to present to authors.

3. Taking part in the selection as the country's favorite conference.

4. It must be noted that conference publicity will be sent for Iran's specialized newsletter in a round for free.

5. The international and abroad conferences have a separate newsletter.

Privileges for certificate holders (authors)

1. the most important privilege is the opportunity to participate in the annual scientific Grant draw (research credit) up to $ 2000 for all certificate holders which fully justifies the ultimate goal of receiving a certificate. The world annual draw will be carried out in the UAE (Dubai), with delegation of Iran, by holding an official ceremony and invitation of scientific protagonists.

2 - The possibility of providing free services periodically for holders of certificates in order to publish articles in sponsored publications with international scientific degrees and ISI.

3. The possibility of free of charge participation in subsequent conferences selectively through participation in drawing.

4. Enjoying the possibility of publishing articles in the Book Series for free.

5. The probability of selecting the elected article in three courses of technical, engineering and basic sciences and getting its special prize.

6. And numerous privileges which will be informed to authors in the future.

- People who have invention confirmation will have the opportunity to receive their prizes in the separate grouping.